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Windir > Sogneriket > Reviews > Chthonicisms
Windir - Sogneriket

I'M A VIKING! - 30%

Chthonicisms, March 25th, 2011

Windir's first demo displays their desire to be a viking metal band... And... that's about it.

Although they would later go on to contaminate black metal with some of the most ridiculous musical passages attempted in that genre, here Windir is both more unsure and more restrained. Opening with a Burzum-style track that is by no means unlistenable, even if it is pretty boring, we then get... Well, "Immortality" can really only be called soft rock. Sure, it's got the instrumentation of black metal, and it's made by a (purported) black metal band, but in the end its simple chord progressions and maudlin mood make for a drudgingly dull piece of music so irrelevant it may as well have never existed at all.

Unfortunately, this never really lets up. Nothing on here is bad outright, but nothing is particularly good either. It's all very mediocre; worse than that, it's repetitively mediocre. Two or three melodies get reused in various forms throughout the album, most obviously in the last two tracks which are almost the same song compositionally. Whereas this technique has been used by numerous other bands to excellent, Windir makes it starkly clear that they simply do not understand WHY doing this can be excellent - and simply replicate the surface aspects of the process.

Although not a horrible release, this one is a bit doomed. Any deep listeners will immediately recognize Windir's LPs as terrible, and probably avoid anything else by them - whereas people who do like their metal to sound like Final Fantasy soundtracks will love those LPs but find this demo only remotely interesting since it is closer to being good. If you want to be convinced Windir wasn't always awful, listen to this... if you want... and you have nothing better to do. Or if you're feeling sorry for yourself. Either the droning sloppiness will match your mood, or it will bring you into higher spirits once you realize - hey, I have better music than this already!