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The Beginning - 99%

WilliamAcerfeltd, June 1st, 2007

This was Windir's debut, and it was a promising start. It was so unfortunate how it was cut short. Although Windir has previous releases to this one, it was not until Sóknardalr was released, that Windir started getting the attention of black and viking metal fans alike. Also, his then girlfriend, future fiancée did supporting clean vocals on the first track.

The production on this album isn't as good as the later releases, probably due to a lack of money at the time. However, by no means is the production so bad that you'll barely be able to make out what Valfar is doing. Personally, I think the clean production suits Windir better, but what are you gonna do?

This album proves that Valfar was the mind behind Windir, as the sound is quite similar to future releases and, this album was composed entirely by Valfar. You'd think that the addition of several band members would greatly change a band's sound. However, it didn't. Only when Valfar died, and the other band members subsequently went on to form Vreid, that we truly knew what they were capable of but quite clearly, it isn't as good as this. If you're a fan of Windir, you won't be disappointed by this.

The songs are quite versatile and offer a variety of riffs. Valfar also interchanges between black metal vocals and clean vocals, which he is excellent at both. This is the only Windir release to feature female vocals. As mentioned before, she provided the backing vocals on the first song. Like Valfar, she does sound quite nice. Personally, I think Valfar's clean vocals are the best on this album than any other album. The drumming however isn't as good as later releases, because Valfar wasn't a drummer. Don't get me wrong, the drumming isn't terrible; it's just not as interesting as later releases.

As with all Windir releases, some songs hit you straight away, other songs you need to give them the time they deserve if you're going to like them. It's probably for that reason, that I've never seen a review for a Windir album below 70. But hey, if you listen to this album once, it'll be your loss.

Overall, this album was a promising start and the promise was later delivered and following releases. I wouldn't recommend this album to you if it's your first taste of Windir, instead get Arntor.

I consider Valfar the friend I never knew, as I started listening to Windir, 1 year after his death. What's so tragic about his death is the waste of talent. I don't think the Norwegian black metal scene has seen such a great musician since. What he left behind was a heart-broken fiancée, an unfinished musical legacy and legions of fans. Life truly is cruel.

We'll always miss you Valfar...

Conclusion: The above is strongly recommended for purchase or download, especially the fans.