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Beautiful folkloristic black metal - 90%

Einherjar_Wuotanas, November 22nd, 2008

From the first track until the last one Valfar has proven to be one of the most talented songwriters in the history of Norwegian black metal, even in the history of black metal in general.

Having invented a style which he called 'Sognametal' it is obvious why he chose the title Sóknardalr. The first song shows already what Valfar’s trademark is: long melodies strengthened by more obvious, but nevertheless beautiful black metal riffs.

Of course there are songs of a lesser quality like 'Det Som var Haukareid' or 'Sognariket si Herskarinne', but even these are very good. The highlights of this album are Sognariket Sine Krigarar, Mørket Sin Fyrste, Røvhaugane and especially Likbør. All beautiful melancholic masterpieces, which should be given a chance by everyone who likes special black metal with lots of melody and emotion.

The vocals, both screams as clean vocals are appropriate for this kind of music and already show the diversity lying in Windir's music. Aggression and softness, melancholy... There are even some funny aspects, like Valfar's yeehaa's in some songs.

The production is, for a black metal album, very good. You don't have to do an effort to hear all instruments, and they all blend well, especially the keyboards. These are present but they are mostly there just to give an extra dimension to the guitars.

My conclusion is, as I already said, that Valfar showed the way for a totally new style. A path now followed by a variety of bands since his tragic death, but we must not forget with what it all started. R.I.P. Valfar! R.I.P. Windir!