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Monolith Of Windirs - 88%

OzzyApu, November 16th, 2006

With Valfar you have the screams and shrieks well in tune with the rhythm of the tracks and very enjoyable. Clean vocals are added with guest vocalist Cosmocrator for Viking purposes - also enjoyable in their own right. The guitar playing is always upbeat and very enthusiastic. Steingrim kicks ass on the battery with his relentless pummeling. Bass involvement is kept to a minimal when the whole group is in on the fun, but it has its moments during breaks. The keyboard also allows a layer of intricacy, developing its own method for resolving dull tastes and replacing them with catchy hooks and interludes. I should lastly add that the entire album is clearly audible. Everything is polished and balanced.

The one track in my opinion, thus far representing Windir’s overall style, would be “The Spiritlord”. Everything from Valfar’s raspy, pissed off screams to Strom’s and Sture’s annihilating riffs – the backbone of the album - are honed for this band-effort. The solo at about 2:50 and the interlude at 4:49 are serious breaks that will leave the listener refreshed into understanding that there is unique formula here, thus creating the correct idea that they aren’t listening to meandering songs. Much of their material is well rounded and straightforward unlike the longer songs from before. Windir also manages to create tracks that are very rock-based, providing many heavy yet catchy riffs.