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Nice performance, lacking originality - 65%

Benign_Hypocrite, October 15th, 2006

I found ths album somewhere tucked away in my closet and i was curious what was stored in it. Wind Wraith is one of these new US power metal bands with many elements from the 80’s metal scene but they have not new, original tunes to offer.

Mediocrity is the only word that characterizes this album. It’s easy to understand their influences by Running Wild, Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Metallica and the whole 80’s metal style in every song. The tunes are good, the songs are fine and the guys here have enough talent to play good music. However i don’t think that they have something new to offer, if this album had been released twenty years ago it could be really interesting but now it’s just another imitation of heavy and power metal from the 80’s. Of course there are some positive things here, the guitar playing is very good with some nice sharp solos and heavy riffs, the production also is well-done and the vocals really noticeable. There also some nice tracks here, the fast and melodic “Dragon Riders”, the epic eight minutes song “Ancient Tales” and another heavy thrasher, “Wind Wraith”.

Overall, there is no fantasy or freshness here, there is no novelty in this album and of course there are no catchy choruses. If you want to listen something new and no clear imitations of 80’s heavy metal this album is not for you. But if you are just nostalgic of the 80’ time, maybe you’d like this album but for just a little time because you'll be easily bored with it.