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Convulse Possessions - 80%

Nattskog7, March 18th, 2023
Written based on this version: 2023, Digital, Independent

German old school death metal heavyweights Wilt are back with their second album.

The familiar chainsaw buzz of HM-2 grinding guitars springs into life with pummelling drums to give us an instantly classic feeling of early Swedish death metal. The mix sounds huge with the chunky rhythms hitting with hammer-like force while the guttural vocal spew is not lost to the monstrous sound. Blending grooves with full bore aggression, the drummers blasts are controlled and tight while the ripping guitars soar over the beats with the malicious growls. Wilt definitely have a very united feeling to their playing which moves as a singular juggernaut of morbidity to deliver total carnage. “Into Nothingness” starts off strong with a beastly consistency that hopefully remains as solid throughout.

Dismembering all in their path, the serpentine way in which each track lurks is truly grotesque. Reeking of the crypt, each movement is carefully and creepy while forceful and aggressive. Leads are used sparingly but often have a melancholy angle that gives a bit more dynamic to the ferocity that is constantly bombarding us. Aside from the obvious Dismember, Entombed, Carnage etc influences, there is some strong Bolt Thrower elements too (especially on “The Tank” and “The End Is Near”) which gives a war-like feeling to some pieces and enhances the overall crushing feel of the record. Totally pulverising, no weak links and a magnificently brutal album from start to end.

A malignant slab of rotten Swedish-style death metal, Wilt are back with a vengeance. Impressive musicianship, an undeniable passion for keeping the classic spirit alive and just a really hard-hitting record with grooves aplenty. If you like all things macabre, decaying and riff-focussed, this is one to decimate your ears with.

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