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Wikka - Wikka

Wish you had Wikka! - 89%

thrashassault, October 15th, 2003

Wikka was a great band with this being there only release unfortunately. Amazing guitar and bass riffs, great song structure and catchy tunes, along with Steve Horwood's remarkable vocal performance. All the songs on the album are fantastic, even though there is only four.

Wikka starts off with the Innocent. This is my favorite song of this album. The guitar riff catches you right at the start and pulls you in. The bridge/chorus is just great. It is very memorable lyrically and makes you jump in and sing with it. The solo reminds me of Iron Maiden Killers era.

Sinister Minister is the next song on this album. This one seems to pull you in as well with the killer bass riff's and some kind of keyboard sound. It sounds very thrashy at moments. The chorus rules when Steve goes low then all high. He has a very astounding voice through out the whole album. The solo in this song is kind of short but gets the job done.

Pharaohs Awaking is a very Egyptian sounding song... hence the title for it. A decent song but the bass riff tends to over power the guitars during the verse. This song probably has the best solo from the whole album. It’s very majestic and fits the Egyptian type riffs very well. The only really down side to this song is it can seem drawn out at times. Other then that it is a classic!

Beware of the King is my least favorite song on this album. There's nothing really special to this song. It is just an all out Heavy Metal tune. The harmonized vocals towards the end are an extra plus. At the end the song slows down as if you hit the reject button on your turntable and that it has come to an end... which it has.

These four songs on this EP are just great. Very well thought out and very well structured songs. Maybe that's why there has not been another release from these guys yet. There still writing and perfecting songs. Hey one can have his dreams too you know!!!