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Doom: The Old Fasioned Way - 87%

totalthrashingdeath, July 24th, 2012

Wicked Inquisition is a band of young guys from Minnesota, that play doom influenced from the likes of old school bands like St. Vitus, Trouble, Pentagram, and of course the mighty Sabbath. Guitarist, vocalist, and songwriter Nate Towle did this 3 song EP by himself, programming the drums and all, and damn is it convincing with its incredible authenticity. This sounds like something that could've been released in 1985. With it's classic doom metal guitar tones, catchy riffs and hooks, and perfect vocal style, this stands out as something doom fans should definitely look into.

Starting off with the title track Self Made Tomb we get a classic mid-paced doom riff right off the bat, and into an instantly memorable chorus. Then an awesome solo breaks out with a perfect execution. Next is the track Sun Flight which starts with an epic up beat riff and into a bad ass groove with a more melodic vocal approach with more groovy hooks, and yet another fantastic solo. Finally we get to what happens to be my favorite, the final song You're On Smack. This song starts out with a ripping riff, and into an aggressive verse part, with bad ass angry vocals, and what do you know? Another "stuck in your head" memorable chorus. This song demands you to raise your fists and bang your head!

All in all with 3 solid as fuck tracks like these this is a fantastic start for this band, and Its incredibly refreshing to have a young band in the Minnesota scene playing classic doom.