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We will be hearing a lot more of this band - 98%

ruigeroeland, February 4th, 2008

Whyzdom is a new Female Fronted Symphonic Metal band from France and this is their first release, the four track EP "Daughter Of The Night". The band initially planned on releasing a seven track album called "Teardrops In The Dark" as their debut, but they changed their plans and released this EP instead. And although I would have loved hearing more tracks, I can understand they chose to concentrate on a smaller number of tracks, giving them the chance to fully develop the compositions and getting the production right.

The EP starts out with bombastic choirs, later joined by the guitar and a whole lot of instruments like the keyboard and flute, giving the music an incredible full and rich sound. Although the Symphonic part of the music is dominating the songs, this is still firmly metal, because the band is not shying away from some heavy guitar leads.

The vocals of Telya are downright astounding. Her voice reminds me of Sharon den Adel of Within Temptation fame at times. A big compliment, because whatever one might think of Within Temptations music, there is no arguing about the quality of her voice. The clean female vocals are supported by choruses and some (sparsely used) death vocals to give the songs a somewhat rougher edge.

The four songs on this EP are all awesome compositions, with an excellent production to boot.

Finally I must complement the band with the image they created. Everything from cover art, promo pictures and the website looks highly professional. This, in combination with the great music, might be the winning formula for landing a record deal in no time.

Highly recommended!