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No Questions Asked, No Pizzas Devoured - 87%

bayern, May 15th, 2018

These question askers from Sardinia were a nice addition to the original, forward-thinking side of the Italian metal roster that also comprised visionaries like Headcrasher, Techrome, Braindamage, Jester Beast, Maskim, etc. They showed up relatively late, but right on time to catch the late-80’s/early-90’s train to the more complex, more engaging side of the old school thrash kaleidoscope. They had a pretty decent beginning with the self-titled demo which featured cool semi-progressive classic thrash without any particular highlights, but convincing nonetheless with its not obtrusively intricate veneer.

All the four cuts from it are also present here, but it’s the other newer material that delivers the goods in a better way, the band pulling in the listener with the excellent short, but fairly eventful quirky “I Was-I Die” its weird character enhanced by the dispassionate punky clean vocals. Outstanding musicianship can be come across later, first on the encompassing symphony “Sete” where gorgeous melodic leads interlace with gothically dramatic cumulative rifforamas on a pounding mid-tempo base; and later on “Two Words To...”, largely a creepy anti-climactic shredder with intelligent serpentine walkabouts and a dystopian, spacey Voivod-ish aura. Surreal, avant-garde stuff with each piece occupying its own universe, “By the Window” showing the biggest ambition with an entangled co-existence between alluring balladic etudes, some of them a bit overlong perhaps, and impetuous fast-paced excursions both sides alternating supervised by really curious semi-declamatory, but still strangely attached, pathos-induced singing. More references to the mentioned Canadian legends with “Nonsense”, a stupendous dissonant, psychedelic cut in the best tradition of “Killing Technology”, this prime perplexer invariably making room for introspective balladic, lead-driven epitaphs like "-23990-".

The Voivod link, also characteristic of the mentioned Jester Beast and Braindamage, serves more as available guidance than as a skeleton on which everything else has been built, as this effort doesn’t really resemble anything out there with its nearly operatic, baroque-like nature and mostly patently woven soundscapes where the application of the ballad may be an acquired taste as its profuse use slows down the proceedings at times. But again, on albums of the kind one shouldn’t look for carved-in-stone, logical developments since it’s the lack of those that makes them such compulsive, entertaining listens.

The same can by all means be said about the following demo which didn’t stick to the thrash canons that much anymore but moved towards more abstract territories with echoes of “Nothingface” (Voivod time and again) and the Japanese Doom’s “Incompetent...”, with more spacey psychedelia involved that may test the hard-boiled thrasher’s patience. However, the band were full of surprises as they brought back the thrash on "L'uomo Appeso" which was another pretty original affair, admirably steering away from any detrimental groovy/aggro/post-thrashy vogues. And that was it, a string of excellent stylish demos revealing a lot of talent and a genuine pool of outside-the-box ideas that ultimately failed to culminate on an official release. “Why?”, you may ask; “I don’t know”, I may answer, but first I’m having a bite from this delicious Sardinian-style pizza by also perusing through my collection at the same time in order to find the perfect musical accompaniment to this solitary dinner “party”… any suggestions?