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Gospel Of Hate - 85%

Nattskog7, June 4th, 2022
Written based on this version: 2021, Digital, Terratur Possessions (Bandcamp)

In November 2021, Norwegian black metal duo WHOREDOM RIFE unveiled their 3rd album via Terratur Possessions. Now it is time to dissect this wondrous opus of the occult.

Spectral passages begin our journey in haunting fashion with bleak guitars howling with the wind samples, to deliver a false sense of security with this blissful introduction. Soon depending into a blend of subtle organs and melodic riffing, there is an almost Hellenic feel to the way this progresses, which is certainly not a bad thing. Coupled with the militant aggression of Norwegian black metal and the unique sounds of Whoredom Rife might be attained. Blistering drums and scolding riffs melt the blizzard of vocals, to contort into a demonic apparition as one warped figure of hellish black metal extremity. The drums are packed with exciting fills that ensure they do not merely fall below the relentless riffing or harrowing vocal performance, they add so much venomous ferocity to the already savage attack. Overall, the new album launches into life with an incredibly virile assault that promises of a potent journey ahead.

Battering forwards, we hear a vortex of ravenous guitars wrap around blast beats and cymbal work with an equally inhuman vocal performance, all delivered with a massive production that has plenty of edge and characterising grit, while displaying the true magnificence of their sound. Couple this with the striking album cover, and it cannot be argued Whoredom Rife have thought out every aspect of their release past music but of course without overlooking the most important aspect. Synths are sparingly used to conjure further darkness while the huge range in everything from the riffs to the drums to the vocals all emanate something truly evil. Attentiveness is earned, not given in the modern world and Whoredom Rife will take it by force. Vicious, unforgiving and uncompromising, there is an excellent middle ground between feeling like the classic Norwegian black metal forefathers without begging nostalgic fans for praise of stringing old riffs together. No, Whoredom Rife launch a massive onslaught of true brilliance on their own terms which is to be commended. Plenty of variation across the sound spectrum diversifies this release while keeping on the right path. They openly and proudly take inspiration from and ultimately honour the roots of black metal, especially from Northern-Europe, but without feeling like another faceless tribute to a time past.

The blazon vitriol in this music cannot be buried, even in the more ambient sections which accentuate the graven atmosphere of the music, there is always that feral bite awaiting in the darkness.

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