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Two bands experimenting with great success - 82%

blackmetalandbrews, February 17th, 2013

This split is quite short, featuring only one short track from each group, but it still warrants repeated listens. The Body are a two-piece experimental sludge group known for creating denser, uglier music than most bands with twice as many members. Their contribution to the split, "Just, Wretched," starts things off in a proper chaotic fashion. While much of their recorded output features layers of samples, this song is bare bones sludgy filth. High-pitched shrieks fight downtuned riffs and primal drums for control of the madness. Things slow to a hideous crawl about halfway through, which serves to highlight guitarist Chip King's tortured vocals. The last minute or so of the track builds up to a percussive static wall which quickly vanishes rather than fading out, creating a tense moment of silence for the listener.

Flipping the record over, Australian doom/death crew Whitehorse's side of the split is equally vicious. Their song, "Fierce Reprisal," is also a bit of a departure from the traditional Whitehorse sound, but it works quite well. Playing up their sludge influences rather than the harsh noise meets diSEMBOWELMENT worship they're known for, this song really brings out their strengths as a live band. This song is both shorter and faster than any other track I've heard from them, but lasts the perfect length. Buzzsaw screeching from the band's noise section accents the pummeling guitars as Whitehorse tramples the listener's ears. As an individual who has been fortunate enough to witness these guys live, I highly recommend this track for somebody seeking to understand the live experience that is Whitehorse.

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