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A New Era of Disappointment - 15%

DomDomMCMG, June 19th, 2012

So here we have the new self-titled Whitechapel album. The first three are all really awesome pieces of deathcore, so I when I heard the news that they were working on a new record I was stoked. Then they dropped a new song, Hate Creation. It was terrible. Really really bad. There was a part where it sounded like Slipknot, with Phil Bozeman (normally a very capable extreme vocalist) doing his best Corey Taylor impression, complete with lyrics of angsty hatred. Then they released another song called I, Dementia. This was different to Hate Creation. This one wasn't a Slipknot rip off. No, it was a Meshuggah rip off. Non-stop chugging on the 8 string, albeit with an admittedly decent solo. Yes, Whitechapel have made a record that combines nu metal, deathcore and djent, and it unsurprisingly doesn't work.

The first song begins with a piano intro, before going into a nice riff with Phil name dropping the last 3 albums with the line "We've been somatically defiled, exiled and now this new era has come to an end". In a way, he's right. The era of Whitechapel being a good band is over. Now it's time for them to suck. Fortunately, this very song serves as their last decent one. Featuring a neat breakdown with a good build up, an enjoyable solo and some cool harmonies, it makes you feel just for a moment that this album isn't going to suck as much as you thought.

Then you actually hear the rest of the album. Most of this ranges from mediocre to downright terrible. At it's best it just sounds like generic deathcore, which Whitechapel has always managed not to be. At it's worst it sounds like self-titled era Slipknot and everyone knows that's never a good thing, well, everyone except Whitechapel. Sure some of the melodies and solos are pretty cool (as mentioned before, the solo is the only thing saving "I, Dementia" from being completely horrible), but everything else is so devoid of originality and creativity. They've never been a particularly original outfit, but they've always had some kind of knack for making really memorable catchy songs while still skillfully avoiding sounding like most other bands in their genre.

I honestly can't see who this CD is appealing to. Hardcore Whitechapel fans will likely hate it for being too different. Maybe the scene kids? No, it's not breakdowny enough. The nu metal kids? No, they're all still posting on forums calling Korn sellouts for experimenting with dubstep. So who does this appeal to? Maybe it doesn't appeal to anyone. Maybe Whitechapel are trolling everyone by making an album for themselves and no-one else. I don't know and at this point I don't care. If you're a fan of the band, don't bother buying or even downloading this, or at least not all of it. Download Make It Bleed and leave it at that. The only other worthwhile track is Section 8, but they already released that last year on that piece of shit cash grab EP.