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The Somatic Abomination - 5%

Petrus_Steele, April 11th, 2019
Written based on this version: 2007, CD, Candlelight Records USA

I don't know where to begin with this abomination of a debut, of a listen... You got seven re-recorded tracks from the demos, two new tracks, and a prelude.

The longest track (which is the title track) is notably the most different on the album. In advance to being the longest track, which is uncommon in deathcore, it sounds different in a way the band was trying to develop a new sound; admitting they did here, but it failed in comparison to what the demos offered in the past. The second new track, Vicer Exciser (whatever that means) also offers nothing to headbang about. The prelude was pointless: it's a 35-second track with some noise, talk and a little bit of blast beats. Why not make a long, interesting prelude with more musical substance and expand the concept of the album?

This whole album simply stinks, that it surprises me how a bunch of demos can contemplate better quality in terms of music; ironically sounding worse than the full-length's version. The vocals are as expected: death growls, pig squeals and shrieks of a child. The guitars are laughable and simplistic. The bass... sorry, I guess the third guitarist needs the special shout-out. They all play the same freaking notes, more or less. And the drums don't sound remarkable or attractive. All this performance makes the demos better by miles.

The only track that I've found to be good was the re-recorded version of Fairy Fay. It sounds just as good as the Demo I's version, only less raw. Everything else the demos cast a shadow on, making a better job. For the musical aspects, everything sounds mediocre and not an ounce of something unique, even though, again, they did try with the title track. So the 5% rating is given to Fairy Fay and trying with the title track. There's nothing to expect here to be likeable or relatable. 31 minutes that'll waste your time, and if your time is that precious and you're still curious, then listen to this with caution.