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What have they been doing? - 34%

10DeathfuckingMetal01, May 5th, 2012

Whitechapel, so far, has been very successful in the deathcore scene to thousands of metal heads & scene kids, but in my eyes this is not the best Whitechapel has done. The way this album was planned out was piss-poor in the song tracks & the overall ep. On the album, the band has only fully made one entire song entitled "Section 8" & the rest are cover songs, instrumentals, & remixes, which is not what the people want. The people want original songs by the artist.

Since the album "This Is Exile", Phil Bozeman's grunts have kind of let up on this ep whereas on "The Somatic Defilement" his grunts were at an all time low to where, if he privatly sang for you & you were to sit in front of the amplifier, you would shit yourself. But with this ep and the new one coming out, the quality and brutality of their music is completely gone, and they just can't seem to get that low depth in tone.

So all in all, "Recorrupted" and the new album coming out are 4 and 11 songs of pure dissapointment. It's not the Whitechapel you're used to. My opinion or rate, if you will, is 34%.