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The New Era has Begun - 90%

DaemonicLord, September 20th, 2010

For Whitechapel, making an album that kicks ass doesn't seem to be that hard. Their first album, The Somatic Defilement, is still to this day one of the heaviest deathcore releases out there, and the second album, This is Exile, is one of the most influential deathcore albums out there (we can hear this by the newer releases from bands like Impending Doom, Oceano, and And Hell Followed With). Whitechapel have made a mark on the modern metal scene, and either you love the band's music, or you hate it. A New Era of Corruption is a prime example of this, as a lot of people hate it for certain reasons, and others love it for their own reasons.

Now, let's move on to the music. First of all, the songs on this album, (along with the previous two albums), actually have GUITAR SOLOS!!! Surprise, surprise! I guess people can stop hating Whitechapel for having no solos, considering there's one in about every other song of theirs, which, who cares about not having flaming finger-pickin' guitar solos in every fucking song? If a song is good, it's good, and not having a guitar solo shouldn't change that. BUT! If you want guitar solos, look no more! I'm positive you can find guitar solos in the songs "Breeding Violence", "Reprogrammed to Hate", "A Future Corrupt", "Prayer of Mockery", "Necromechanical", and (although there isn't a solo per-se in the song) "Single File to Dehumanization" has some great guitarwork that has an almost soft, yet dark melody, before they crush you with one of the best breakdowns on the album.

While on the subject of guitars, I'll go ahead and mention that the band decided to experiment quite a few times with acoustic guitars, sometimes offering an almost spanish-style playing (just past the half-way mark in "End of Flesh"), and then a soft, almost mesmerizing section beginning at around 2:26 on "Murder Sermon". Then a couple songs later you'll hear the acoustic being brought out for a short outtro to "Single File to Dehumanization", which also closes off the album.

Now, deathcore is known for its breakdowns, so don't pick up a deathcore album expecting a band to have a lot of solos and little to no breakdowns. If that's what you want, stick to death metal. Deathcore is also known for having terribly generic breakdowns, riffage, lyrics, and annoying vocals. Fortunately, A New Era of Corruption only has generic riffage, which aren't even all that generic, but mostly unique and different from other deathcore bands, examples would be the chorus riff in "Devolver" and the riffs in "A Future Corrupt". Aside from that, the breakdowns all have their distinctive sound to them, and flow with the music very well, the lyrics, (usually ranging from the topics of God to hatred and violence, you know.... general metal topics, but with good meaning behind the songs), and Phil Bozeman's performance on vocals was done extremely well. He pulls of his deathgrowls and gutturals with ease, and uses little high screams, and when highs are used, they're used at the right time and for the right length, making them sound great, as opposed to annoying.

The only reason why this album recieved a score as low as it is, is because the album seems to be missing something... maybe intensity. There aren't too many intense death metal riffs in the album, if any. It's not exactly the perfect album in the world, but it's well worth the money. Let's just say that.

I'm the kind of person that reads the sentence "Whitechapel made Bring Me the Horizon sound manlier than fuck with this album!" and I shake my head. I don't see how ungodly guttural vocals, lyrics about bashing God and the end of the world, non-generic breakdowns, and some damn cool riffs and guitar solos makes Whitechapel gay at all, but Bring Me the Horizon aren't anywhere CLOSE to manly. But whatever, just proves that some "metalheads" out there are pretty fucking stupid and don't know what they're talking about. My point for the previous paragraph was to say that, my advice, don't listen to half of what people say when it comes to that stuff, because you won't find songs about lollipops and rainbows here. Whitechapel made an epic win with A New Era of Corruption, and I give it a solid 90%. If you are a fan of GOOD deathcore, go pick up this album, I promise you won't be disappointed.