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Dissapointing - 34%

Alienhell, July 25th, 2010

At the turn of this new album, Whitechapel have really gone past the point of no return. From their attempt with 'This is Exile' we now enter a chapter of dissapointment. As such follows.

Whitechapel open the album with 'Devolver', a song that creates a mood brings you back to 'This is Exile'. Why? Because in most practicality it's the same idea. Whitechapel create a verse and then a chorus and simply REPEAT, losing all sense of actual entertainment in the song. The song later goes into some slow and boring chugging that continues far too long. And so 'Devolver' is more over a down-towned version of 'Father of Lies'. A mediocre attempt at creating something impressive to open up. But it doesn't end there.

'Breeding Violence' begins, 'CHUG-CHUG-CHUG' before the vocalist breaking into some moments of 'Possession'-like lines which are let out at a relatively same tempo. The song just creates an incredibly small loop and repeats before breaking into a mediocre solo and looping again. Whitechapel don't even seem to be bothered to make any attempt significant.

Overall the guitar sound is generally insignificant. Chugging through when it can and never really moving forward except to play incredibly similar riffs that bridge parts of the song. Whitechapel aren't really giving us anything to enjoy that sounds fresh and new. The drumming is generally the same, loose and stays in the background and is never really noticeable. Blast beats being non-enjoyable as the guitar dumbs it down into just weak and flimsy drumming.

Now the vocals are more Death-antiquated which makes for generally better sounding vocals but doesn't derive from the stringy boring deathcore vocals that are typical over the span of the album and follow the dissapointing routine as the rest of the album. If the guitar repeats, They repeat. Not interesting. Another thing to be noted is how there is generally a 'Creator' in most of the lyrical themes which isn't precisely entertaining content over 41 minutes. One thing i don't understand is End of Flesh's opening lyric:
against the opening line of the next song:
As if we are supposed to be shocked by how incredible the music actually is.

Well no thanks Whitechapel, Overall 'A New Era of Corruption' as noted in the album title, is repetitive, non-fresh and really a tiresome attempt that really makes you wonder if Whitechapel can really be bothered to make another attempt? Or are we even bothered to care if it sounds like this?