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Stuck in a groove - 70%

McTague97, November 9th, 2014
Written based on this version: 1993, CD, Geffen Records

Once more unto the breach of reviews for mainstream metal acts that have split reactions amongst the metal community. Actually I think I just pretty much summed up White Zombie right there. Heavy enough to catch the attention of headbangers and with enough mainstream appeal to get radio play even into the year 2014.

Side A, the single side contains, and you probably guessed it, Thunderkiss 65. Let there be no doubt about it that this is a groove track. The first thing you'll be greeted by with this track is a guitar groove that breaks only long enough to spit out the guitar solo near the end of the song. Its slow in a sludgy sort of way but without actually conforming to all the little characteristics that would solidify its place as a sludge metal song. There are a few places where the riff changes like during the chorus and right before the solo but for the most part it sticks on its little guitar groove. As far as instrumentation goes the guitar drives the whole thing, the bass plods along behind it and the drums are set slowly to emphasize it. There are some voice samples, I'm not sure what the source of them is or even what the point of them is really. Rob Zombie does o.k. on the vocals but he doesn't do anything flashy or attention grabbing.

Planet Motherfucker begins with some sampling from what sounds like a horror movie, too bad Rob Zombie's solo work utilizes sampling much better. Like Thunderkiss 65 (and I guess like everything off La Sexorcisto) its a very groove driven sound though the drum work here is faster. Unlike Thunderkiss it doesn't sound like everything was written to compliment the guitar.

Both the songs are decent tracks and could be used for headbanging. The usage of sampling could be improved and Rob Zombie could live up to his hype a bit more as far as vocals go. I personally find his solo work to be better but I'm sure many metal heads will probably find this to be superior to the rest of his career