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What The Hell Is This Shit??! - 20%

metalfukinhead, February 5th, 2003

Now someone explain to me what Rob's reasoning with this one is??? He remixes everything on Astro-creep so shitty that it makes me want to vomit. I can't believe that anyone who is related to metal would stoop to such a level. I mean, techno??? That's all this album is. If you've heard Astro-creep, imagine all those songs minus Creature Of The Wheel remixed to fit an almost rave-styled atmosphere. I don't think that there were any real instruments on the remixes. John Tempesta's kit would have to be electronic and lame at that to sound like the so-called drum beats on this album. There is a total lack of unsaturated techno sounding guitar on this album. Even Rob's vocals sound stupid (imagine that...) with the way he did everything up. The best thing about this music is that it is good for those who don't like heavy metal but like techno, it can be considered common ground.

The only reason I still own this album is because it's too scratched to get rid of, and until I fill my 200 disc changer, it'll be there, after I fill it, it's gone out the fucking window. The best part of buying this one would be for the incredibly sexy chicks pictured nude in the liner. You get no twat shots or tits, but you get everything but. If you're that desperate, pick it up, if not, put it back and tell the clerk "fuck you, i'm getting a real album".