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What a Dumb Idea - 16%

DawnoftheShred, May 8th, 2007

It's a real shame that the last White Zombie album would be this atrocity. A techno-remix album not only notorious for forshadowing Rob Zombie's future career, but quite shitty in its own right. If you can't stand techno, I'll save you the trouble of reading this review: you will absolutely hate this.

Just as he would go on to remix tracks from his first solo album on his American Made Music to Strip By release, this album simply consists of remixed tracks from Astro Creep, minus the song "Creature of the Wheel," which is replaced with a remix of "I'm Your Boogieman." The remixes are fairly true to the original songs in terms of structure and length (though the tempo is occasionally altered), but everything other than the basic mechanics is raped. Drums are replaced by uber-repetitive raver beats. Riffs are removed, replaced, and muddied down. Vocals are unbearably distorted. Pretty much everything good about Astro Creep is turned to generic techno bullshit. If you're into techno, you'll probably enjoy this experiment of Rob's. But as this is not the Techno Archives, the rest of us can only lament and wonder why the hell this was released by a seemingly metal band.

So to recap, this gets 10 points for the various pinups in the cover sleeve, 5 points for not sucking as hard as his next remix album would, and 1 bonus point because I'd still rather listen to this than to Graveyard Classics II again. Add in one point each for every song on here that is made better through remixing and this album's final score ends up at a meager 16. If I were a potential buyer, I'd stick with Astro Creep.