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Not So Charming Anymore - 38%

DawnoftheShred, June 29th, 2007

When Astro Creep/La Sexorcisto fans argue that old White Zombie is noisy, incoherent, and shitty, it's hard to argue when EP's like Psycho-Head Blowout exist. Within a year, tthe band had already forgotten the charm and catchiness of Gods on Voodoo Moon, leaving us with a sampling of songs that suffer from crippling repetition, a template of uninteresting ideas musically and lyrically, and an intentional lack of innovation.

If you've heard Voodoo Moon or Pig Heaven, this EP does nothing to expand, refine, or evolve the band's sound. It's just another set of generic songs from a group that never had much to work with initially. While on Voodoo Moon, the uniqueness and integrity of the songs made up for their simplicity and oddness, here they fail to be anything but shallow rehashings of past material. The old songs worked because they were short and to the point. The songs on here ramble incoherently for close to five minutes, by which Zombie's early vocal delivery become infuriatingly grating. There's few memorable riffs at all, the bass plods, the drums are sloppy, and the lyrics (when intelligible) stick to the randomness of the psychedelia format without creating any mood or feeling or tension associated with such lyrics. Unfortunately, this EP would be the blueprints for their forthcoming debut, another failure of somewhat equal proportions.

I'll admit to liking their first EP, but even I can't stand most of this shit. Bands like Primus and Buckethead would better develop the sound that White Zombie totally botched here. Check those guys out for some trippy shit that actually works.