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Two More from Voodoo Moon - 68%

DawnoftheShred, June 29th, 2007

White Zombie's Pig Heaven single consists of two tracks, neither of which would have been out of place on the Gods On Voodoo Moon EP. The sound is a bit bluesier, but still upholds the ideals of the band's psychedelic noisecore niche.

"Pig Heaven" has a distinctive Hendrix influence in the riffing. I'm not sure if this is the same guitarist from the EP or the one from their Soul Crusher LP, but either way, he's quite good on here. Zombie still shrieks, the bass is still groovy, the drums are still rocking and the sound is as noisy as ever, but the guitarwork has definitely improved. "Slaughter the Gray" is less interesting, but carriest the same bluesy vibe throughout that the first song does. But this is still old White Zombie, meaning that if you can't dig it, you'll regret the effort spent hunting this down. Fans of Voodoo Moon, whoever they might be, could benefit from having these two tracks in their collection. Everyone else? You aren't missing much.