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Not bad - 65%

glenhetfield, April 16th, 2010

I'm only submitting this review because there are just some glaring points that need to be mentioned that nobody else has put into plain English.

This White Zombie album actually has some pretty good and interesting material on it. I would not call it mid-tempo Thrash. This isn't Thrash and I don't even think that is what was on their mind. I think Rob Zombie just wanted some rocking music he could sing his crazy lyrics over and the guitar player just happened to have some Thrash riffs floating around his brain here and there. The drummer is very solid and has a bit of double bass. But despite these "heavy" influences, it's plain as day that White Zombie had other influences less Heavy and more random, than I suppose some listeners give them credit for. This is a hard rock record with some heavier influences thrown in here and there. Taken in this way, it's a much better album than some would lead you to believe.

But the production is so bad it ruins it. Completely. The guitars are scratchy sounding, which does absolutely no justice to the riffs and licks (some of which are quite good). None of the balls that would appear later are even hinted at here. It's amazing what a guitar tone (or lack thereof) can do! The bass is low in the mix and weak sounding. Drums are actually rather solid, but again, kind of weak in tone. The only thing that really shines through here is Rob's distinctive voice, which is still developing at this point, but very much evolved into what we would hear on the next album. He already had his style down, it was just a matter of fine-tuning it. The thing is, it is so goddamned high in the mix it's almost annoying!

I feel bad for this band at this point, because this is an interesting album filled with interesting songs - but none of it translates due to the poor production and I really think it sells the songs quite short. Any band would sound strange with such production. I am convinced that in a live situation, with these same songs, and the right sound, this same material rocked really hard. But as it stand, this recording is merely a document of "what could have been."