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It DEFINATELY Grew on me, I LOVE this work - 85%

Desiple_of_The_Ice25, May 31st, 2006

I enjoy White Zombie for a few reasons. One of them is because they are one of the pioneers of groove metal, another is because of their psychedelic sound, and finally because White Zombie is awesome if you let it grow on you. At first, I thought that this was mild and generic, but as I kept on listening to it, it grew on me. This is a hell of a lot better than Astro-creep because this one sorta has a Thrash meets Stoner Metal kinda quality to it which I love. After scanning through reviews on this album, I was expecting it to be pretty decent, but after listening to it quite the number of times, I LOVE it.

Though usually in my reviews I love reviewing track for track, but to me, I love pretty much everything on this album. I know it's not that heavy or that fast, but for some reason, that is exactly what I like. It seems more that White Zombie was not about persuing a "heavy" image with this one, but a more darker/groovy image, which in my opinion, I would say that this is the best groove metal album ever.

To cut to the chase I will say what songs I would say are worthy, Welcome To Planet Motherfucker is definately a cool track. The introduction is kind of long. Thunder Kiss 65 is alright and has some cool guitar riffs, but is not one of the highlights. Black Sunshine is considered to be one of the highlights, but to be honest it's NOT really a great song. Rob's little dialogue at the beginning is personally kinda cheesey, but can be a real fun song from time-to-time. I am Ledgend is a nice song, all because of it's melodic intro. It goes back to the older days of Thrash Metal, but once the song kicks in, it goes Groove, and is very much a psychedelic tune, however, I do not like that "hoo-chee-coo, I want her" bit there. As for the best song on the album is Warped Asylum, this one is not only the longest on the album, but probably has the most amount of effort.

BOTTOMLINE: At first, when I reviewed it, it was minimal effort, but as it grew on me, I ended up loving what I heard. Definately a KILLER album to me anyway. However, for some reason all those negative elements that would normally be considered to be detrements to the album are actually total assets to it. Nice to listen to when you're stoned, so that's where I recommend it.