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or higher. Black fucking Sunshine - 80%

speedemon86, June 27th, 2003

Ah , I pop this cd into my walkman, put in my earbuds, and take a nice rockin trip down route 666. Welcome to planet motherfucker. Little sampling stuff at the beginning and then things things blast off! Nice guitar at the beginning, adding drums on top into the verse. Pretty much just catchy as fuck Heavy Metal, that definitely sounds fresh out of the 80's, which isn't too much of a surprise. A good thing is that they don't overmilk the riffs so it doesn't get boring. Now it's the bridge into Psychoholic Slag... "Do you have to open graves to find girls to fall in love with?" I seriously like the samples found on this album. "Planet pretty kill" is a cool line. The Groove riff in this section is definitely simplistic, and rocking. I do not like however the vocal effect near the end. This track could have ended with a guitar solo, and it kind of does, but they choose to just fade out. Dammit give us closure!! Not a huge flaw, but it bugs me.

Knuckle Duster (Radio 1-A) sets up the next track perfectly. You hear those sounds in the backround that sound like people fucking? Well, it's samples of people fucking. Again a strange penchant for samples on this album but I enjoy them. Time to make a pit stop and go thunder kissin'!! 1965 is infectious, other than that nothing to special "Can you dig the satisfaction? Well, you can't take it with you but you can! In Overdrive" that's a cool lyric. Now it's time to drive the monster. Let's get in this 4000 horsepower black mustang and drive it straight to the heart of hell!! This song is the best track, as it takes pretty much everything good on the album and crams it into one evil track. That bass line owns you, no matter how simple it is (E-G-A-A#). Maybe, just maybe they could have sped this song up. But then it would be lethal thrash. Oh, yes the bass player is hot, like Shakira gone metal. i've seen them live and she's mean, too. Spittin and kickin at dudes in the front row. Nevertheless after all the blues scale riffs "Finally, nothing moves...A concrete fascination, scraping the edge of nothing." Beautiful.

Soul-Crusher is good, picking up the speed that should have been on the last track, although it's slightly slower, the riffs are faster, more subdivision than Black Sunshine. A little repetitive, but barely detrimental. This song almost thrashes, but it's a fleeting version therein. Cosmic Monsters inc. starts out a little lackluster, but when the verse starts with that groove riff, it's good, sounds a little borrowed from Pantera, but the spooky melodic riff is reminiscent of some Slayer. I think I heard that little harmony guitar part at 0.42 somewhere.. of course! Slayer's "Necrophiliac" except shorter. 2.13 features a riff that they ripped of from Iommi, but I hardly mind these things. Hey! a guitar solo! pretty good, couldn't ask for much more. Spiderbaby I'm not too big a fan of, the droning vocals and uninteresting riffs, they should have stuck with the riff at 1.53, and this song could have put a boot up your ass. Too bad. More doomish feeling near end and the end leaves with a lost pantera riff. Very good.

I am legend, starts with an often found spooky clean part (see Destruction - Days of Confusion, though the latter is of course much more creepy and effective) another good solo here, they could have done more. Radio 2-b just doesn't repeat the effect of 1-a. Thrust is filler to me, though the riffs are good this album is begginning to get a tad long-winded for what it is. Grindhouse (A Go-Go) isn't a grind track (thank Satan) but it's good. Good drums! And they didn't even have Tempesta. I like the riff here, and the riff at 2.09 as well, the result is very comparable to the previous track. Starface is good as well, with some more good guitar, and another good solo.

Now we stop to rest at the Warp Asylum. Cool intro, and the bass pounding behind the guitar is killer. The closing song is great with the little mini-leads that can be found all over the album, and the fastest solo, but not the best. the slowest song on the album yet it's up there with the first three songs.

Overall a good album, nice art work from Rob. Really effective when played at loud volumes, and definitely some tracks could be covered and made into monster crunchers. Great when driving and probably when drinking too. Together? Well, maybe, but it could be bad for your health... but these sentences have already begun to take place in your mind haven't they?