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Funky, Heavy & Swingin'! White Zombie Rocks! - 87%

Wacke, March 5th, 2008

I got into White Zombie seriously some month ago but they've been a well known name for me since the beginning of my headbanger direction. After listening to this album I gotta say that it's a great album and their best as well. It has some great elements of funk, heavy metal, alternative metal and everything's just swinging and you go with it!

The opening track called "Welcome To Planet Motherfucker / Psychoholic Slag" is a great opener and you immediately get some great feelings for the rest of the album. This album features a lot of old horror movie clips which can be a little annoying after a while. Track 2 is one of these clips. Track 3 is the big hit "Thunder Kiss '65" and this is some funky shit but at the same it's heavy and absolutely catchy. It's here where this albums roller coaster starts with great tunes to average tunes. "Black Sunshine" is another of those really great tracks and "Soul-Crusher" are pretty damn good aswell. After two more average tracks we get to hear the excellent "I Am Legend". What a great title for such a great song! The rest is filled with some great music but "Grindhouse (A Go-Go)" is one of those special tracks that I've fall in love with. The whole feeling with it is strange, dark and just exciting. I get goosebumps when I hear the solo, so satanicly beautiful.

The production sounds perfect for these tunes. It just screams out the power of early 90's (grunge, alternative rock / metal). I especially like the drums and Rob Zombie's vocals which at this point don't have too much of these weird effects he got on "Astro-Creep: 2000". The guitar and the bass sounds nice too but they could maybe have been somewhat rawer.

The cast is great here unlike on their previous albums or well, they were pretty good on "Make Them Die Slowly" but here... They are awesome! The double bass drums and the drums overall sounds like thunder and machine guns while the bass gives you something like a weird "60's goes 90's" feeling. The guitar solos aswell as the acoustic guitars sounds really great and there's some great riffing as well. Rob is Rob. The man has built I'm a great possition (much because of this release) in the metal music as one of the biggest dudes and greatest singers.

So finally to my last comments on "La Sexorcisto: Devil Music Vol.1"...

The album is great, it's defenitely worth some listens or a buy. The strongest hits here would probably be "Thunder Kiss '65", "Black Sunshine", "I Am Legend" and "Grindhouse". All tracks are great though, some more than others but it's always like that.

Dig it up somewhere, it shouldn't be too expensive in used condition and I don't think it's so expensive to buy as new either.