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Where's Volume 2?!?! - 72%

metalfukinhead, February 5th, 2003

The next greatest White Zombie album aside from Astro-Creep. This is them in there 70's form, banging out tunes that would have been amazing back in the day, but still manage to impress to date. Rob seems to almost have had a shred of saliva left in his throat back then, enough that he could almost even sing. But thats not what White Zombie was about, they were about making good tunes, and good tunes they made.

Thunderkiss '65 is the most notable one on this cd, it's simplicity and hard-edge seem to make it a fan favorite. Nothing ground-breaking, just good hard music. Black Sunshine would be next and like Super-charger heaven off Astro-Creep, its a song made for racing. Groovier and cleaner this song belongs in none other than that mustang from Gone In 60 Seconds that I blew my load over a dozen time. I am Legend is one of White Zombie's deeper songs (that ain't saying much), and the last song Warp Asylum makes listening to the disc back to back much more than worthwhile.

If you like stoner rock, or pretty much any metal from the 70's this is a disc for you. It's impossible to do better with simple riffs and songs than they do on this album.