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Not bad... - 75%

FrostbittenCandy, May 17th, 2005

This was the first White Zombie recording to feature J. Yuenger on guitar and although it isn't as great as La Sexorcisto you could tell they were on their way. The production is clear but with a nice amount of chunk to it. It isn't overtly flashy but it gets the job done. Suites the music well. Every instrument can easily be heard and sounds very natural, almost like a polished rehearsal.

1) God of Thunder is pretty much worthless other than for a laugh or two. They do little that adds to the song and from the way Rob sings I can't help but think that it was meant to make fun of Kiss (as the cover also seems to suggest).
2) Love Razor is a pretty cool, energetic tune with sections that somewhat resembles things we would later hear on La Sexorcisto as well as Astro Creep. Not much to say about this one though.
3) Disaster Blaster II is pretty much like the first one (from Make Them Die Slowly) except that there is an extra riff or two and the song is arranged in a much better fashion, which ultimately renders it more enjoyable than the original. The best song on this EP.

Overall this is a pretty good effort and is a step up from "Make Them Die Slowly," which could be a little monotonous at times. I'd recommend downloading it since it's probably really hard to find nowadays. If you were to check out one song from this let it be DB2.