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Haha Yes! Fuck Kiss! - 83%

DawnoftheShred, July 15th, 2007

With two full-length albums between this and their last EP (the lackluster Psycho Head Blowout), one could be sure that White Zombie had plenty of opportunities for improvement. And they most certainly did. While Make Them Die Slowly provided the first taste of the White Zombie that most of us are familiar with, it was the addition of Mr. Yuenger on guitars for this EP that the true Zombie sound was fashioned. And with the same penchant for simple, effective riffing that he possessed on the albums that would follow, as well as Zombie's now recognizable vocal delivery and love of horror movie lyrics, this EP is a sure fire winner and a necessary addition to the collection of any fan of La Sexorcisto or Astro Creep.

The album begins with the title track, a cover of Kiss' odious "God of Thunder." But injected with that Zombie sense of humor, it's surprisingly listenable. Yuenger's tone is far more sinister than Frehley's ever was or would be and the song is better because of it. But it's the two originals that help this EP slay. "Love Razor" does indeed sound similar to some of the La Sexorcisto stuff, with a few riffs that pass as fucking thrash riffs (mid-paced at best, of course). There is a healthy amount of groove riffing injected in there, but it's to be expected, as Zombie was always more closely associated with the alternative scene than the metal scene. The true gem of this is "Disaster Blaster 2," a leaner, meaner version of the Make Them Die Slowly track. Again, more thrash/groove with some nasty vocals from Rob, but a bit more ferocious and memorable. Overall a nice complement to MTDS.

Again, probably only for fans of later-era White Zombie, or perhaps longtime haters of Kiss looking to hear some noisy bastards scuz up one of their songs.