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Enter Astro Creep.... - 100%

Shredder, August 30th, 2003

You sit back, a tall glass of ice-cold lemonade in hand, pop a cd with the animation of a robot on it, and wait for the cd to load. you take a sip of your lemonade, and after a couple of seconds or organs, *BooM* Your stereo explodes into a fitting rage a hard, groovy metal. This CD, in my mind, is the best metal cd ever. Folks - a SoCal 'mainstream' metal band can be great too. Not all bands turn into a Metallica. This is my ideal metal CD, and if you dont like my rating than go bitch somewhere else, because I aint changing it. I got this CD when it first came out, and it changed my life. Some of the most memorable riff's ever written are packed on this CD (Electric Head pt. 1, Super-Charger Heaven, More Human Than Human) and Rob Zombie has got to be my favorite metal vocalist. I know this review sounds naive and like it's written by a 13 year old - but this is how i feel about it. 'Electric Head pt 1', after some moans, groans, gurgles and some backwards organ playing, goes into a spitting coniption that makes you wanna get up and bang your head, then into a sludgey groove that continues through the whole song and is one of my favorite riffs' ever. Then Electric Head, another favorite of mine. After a short intro and sample, this song also explodes into another awesome riff, and Rob's vocals are the absolute best thing about this song, just so awesome. Best stuff the Zombie Man has done to date. Real Plan #9 is a great song, and very catchy. You will find yourself spitting out 'Who Will Survive, and What Will Be Left of Them?' in the car on your way to work (Its' happened to me numerous times) and while there arent alot of guitar riffs, this is still a good song. Other real great songs are Grease Paint + Monkey Brains, which has some hard hitting grooves and awesome vocals supplied by Zombie and GREAT bass supplied by Sean. Then the smash hit 'More Human Than Human' This song is just perfect as well. The riffs, vocals, drums and bass. And it has the coolest opening line ever ("I am the Astro Creep, a Demolition Style Hell American Freak Yeah")....But in truth folks, all of the songs on here rock, they all are awesome heavy metal, and in a nutshell this is probably the greatest album of all time, for me. The sound is like, imagine NIN being raped by Pantera and Black Sabbath. It is like a previous review said, rejected Disco Thrash Metal. AWESOME AWESOME album, by an awesome awesome band.