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Too Commercial to review?!? - 98%

metalfukinhead, February 5th, 2003

I gotta say this is one of the first albums I ever REALLY listened to. This album was a turning point for White Zombie, they sky-rocketed to commercial success on this one, but still retained some very essential elements to making a heavy metal album. That said, why doesn't Rob just stick to producing albums now? He seems like he's better at that than anything else. He is a fairly lousy vocalist, and his band now is nothing compared to White Zombie, though Tempesta is a fucking drum Genius. Anywho, here's what I think...

Electric Head (Pt.1) opens up the cd with some eerie sound effects, and kicks into a high paced hard rock/metal fest with its pounding guitar/drum assault and rob's low pitched talking. Super-charger Heaven is the next track and that is really a song true to it's name, it a fast paced song made purely for the intent of racing the fucker in the beefed up jap-mobile civic next to you at the red. You won't find a better song on this album, though some come close. Real Solution #9 is Texas Chainsaw Massacre, but the song leaves a little to be desired, simply because a song about a classic horror flick deserves a more moody atmosphere, and it wasn't quite there. Creature of the Wheel is the only song that I can say sucks on the cd, and thus inhibits a 100 rating from me. I Zombie, More Human, El Phantasmo, all excellent metal tunes, and Blur The Technicolor is one hell of a groovy song that shows a side of White Zombie almost never tapped.

If you don't own this album, there most definitely is something wrong with you. This is about as good as mainstream heavy metal is ever going to get, and don't count on Rob Zombie ever releasing anything that can come close to comparing with this one. Just keep an open mind, and you'll understand the impact this record has had on me.