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i remember the days *sniff* - 85%

ironasinmaiden, April 19th, 2003

When White Zombie was still cool and I knew every word to More Human than Human. "I am the astro creep... demolition style hell american freak, YEAH". Disco-metal never sounded so good... you can bang your head or shake your ass, either way you're having a damn good time. In retrospect, this was my first taste of heavy music (along with Tool and AIC) and I still have a pinup of Sean Yseult on my wall.

"Disco trash metal" is a fitting term... all of these songs have driving bass grooves and ridiculous lyrics/samples culled from old school horror. Rob Zombie's sneer is both endearing and annoying, a feat few vocalists can execute. When he barks "DEVIL MAN DEVIL MAN" you can't help but appreciate. Nothing here quite approaches "extreme" by metalhead standards, but it all kicks ass

Supercharger Heaven is a high octane fist pumper with Chuck Berry double stops and mumbled lyrics you'll never understand. "Blood Milk and Sky" is fucking EVIL... crushing riffs and white noise with spooky keyboard noises galore. I Zombie is quite industrial, and El Phantasmo is the lovechild of Rick James and Slayer.

Swallow your dignity, throw on a vintage Texas CHainsaw Massacre t shirt and worship the Zombie.