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Trippy stuff. - 82%

heavymetalvixen, January 17th, 2004

This album is incredibly groovy! Its like really heavy stoner rock. Trust me, when you're high, the lyrics on this will put insane images into your head. Hell, the lyrics will do that even when you're NOT high or intoxicated in some way. The female's voice in Blood Milk and Sky sounds incredibly trippy, as does the main riff. Oh, and don't forget the sexy moaning of some chick in the beginning of More Human Than Human. Yes, this album does sound rather mainstream, but its impressive nevertheless. Very creative and unique. The riffs on this baby are hard and fun, and actually quite suitable for some headbanging. Rob's vocals are strong, clear, and they have a brutal element to them. Not once are they drowned out by the instruments, or vice versa- its the perfect balance.

All in all, a very twisted and in your face album. Definately worth checking out.

Best Tracks: Creature of the Wheel, More Human Than Human, and Blood Milk and Sky.