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Not as good as before. - 70%

McTague97, December 7th, 2014

Putting it simply, I didn't like as many songs on here as I liked on its predecessor. It also brings forward an even more marketable sound then before. Its far less awesome tracks and more mediocre tracks.

Here the industrial influences really shine through. The album brings back the art of sampling, but now we have added studio effects as well. It adds a nice new element for many of the song (Creatures of the Wheel). It also adds some tracks that seem lazy such as Real Solution # 9. Real Solution #9 features an effect that sounds like a turntablist scratching away, the vocals on the verses are distorted to a point where they can hardly be understood and sound like all the sampling.

As far as actual instruments it retreads the footsteps of its predecessor. The guitar and vocals drive the performance and with out them the bass and drums can't hold their own weight. The new industrial effects have skewered that though as now many of the songs are driven by effects and not the guitar.

The riffs are more simplistic grooves but now played at slower tempos. The previous album had some awesome grooves, this one all the grooves are generic and struggle to hold any power. I don't get the point I'm using an instrument intended for melody to try and do something rhythmic, I mean clearly it works in many cases, but more often then not it fails. Luckily though, amongst these simple grooves there are some melodic like sections (More Human Then Human).

Underneath this layer we have some solid bass work that is being used a backbone. Solid on how it works with the bass, its great chemistry between the two. This is all accompanied by drums that keep a midpaced beat but fail to do anything special or attention grabbing. Production on the drums wasn't quite as good as on LA Sexorcisto which is a shame.

Rob Zombie continues to deliver a solid vocal section but he again fails to do anything impressive. His obsession with horror once again shows through as horror themes are prevalent throughout the album. The lyrics are a bit weak at times but what do we expect from radio friendly shock value. It's an o.k. album I guess, a bit disappointing after how much I loved the predecessor.

Stand out tracks: More Human than Human and Super Charger Heaven