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Pretty Cool For Commercialized "Metal" - 80%

Desiple_of_The_Ice25, June 1st, 2006

It's pretty funny how Zombie's only (real) Metal album Devil's Music Volume 1 actually does not even meet the standards that this one does in a mainstream point of view. This is one hell of a killer album, metal or not, but the thing is, this is VERY commercialized shit. Astrocreep 2000 sounds a lot like Metal, but at the same time, judging by it's weaker build, it relates to more like (Industrial) Heavy rock. I am a fan of Industrial music as well, and this is not exactly Industrial Metal perse, but it is very heavy, and has some damn good Groove riffs with heavy distortion. However, that does not make it metal, and it does not exactly sound like Metal to me.

For some reason that I do not know for the fucking death of me, but for some reason, I enjoy this album. I am an individual who is VERY closed minded when it comes to music. Normally to me, it's Metal or Nothin, but I have always been some-what a fan of White Zombie's music, so maybe that could be why I love it so much. Like I said before, it's not exactly metal; it's more metallic rock, but still, I love it.

Electric Head Pt. 1 (The Agony) starts out an AWESOME track, but also, what made me realize that this is not exactly metal because of it's riffing. The speed of the song is intense, and once the song gets going, it's frightfully powerful. Being the stoner that I am really enjoys listening to this when I am high (hence, why I love industrial music so much, and one of the reasons I always listen to Fear Factory when I am high). Though this song has little progression, it has lots of aggression. 8/10.

Super-Charger Heaven is really a great song, and in my eyes, it has a very modern thrash sound to it. However, it also sounds a little bit like modern hard rock. The double kicks in this are wicked, but Zombie's vocals aren't something that are really great. I prefer his more aggressive lower vocals opposed to his higher pitched ones, which is what is used in this song. One of the better songs. 9/10.

Real Solution #9 is another song that I do not really like TOO much. Partially because the drums have a more hip-hop-esque sound to them. Still though, it's not bad, considering the fact that this is a throw-away that lacks a lot, and has a tone of movie soundbytes in here. Nothing special 6/10.

Creature Of The Wheel is a crazy song. This one is a real headbanger, but at the same time, it's a little slower. Another one of the songs with soundbytes. However, Zombie's vocals are pretty killer because he uses a lot of aggression. I hate to admit that this one lacks a lot. 6/10

Electric Head, Pt. 2 (The Ecstacy) has a lot of groove to it, and is probably one of the more Disco type songs on here, since it's accordingly been dubbed as Rejected Disco Thrash Metal or whatever. Definately not as good as part one, but also pretty cool and somewhat catchy. 7.5/10

Okay, now Grease Paint and Monkey Brains is a song that most people would probably regard as a throw-away, but this is a song I kinda new from when I was a lot younger, so I like this one. However, in some way, it kinda has that kind of Static X type sound to it, which I hate, but also, it's NOT bad. This is probably one of the more Metal tunes though (but I hate admiting it). 8/10

I, Zombie is a tune that goes back to the speed that Electric Head part 1 was. Even though this one is not really special, it's a real fight song, and I do NOT mind hearing it (let alone any other song on the album). 7/10.

More Human Than Human - DEFINATELY one of the better tracks on the album. One catchy tune, and HELLA HEAVY! I LOVE this song, and is one of Zombie's bitchin tunes. However, this is a tune that you more bob your head to as opposed to headbanging, but either/or it doesn't really matter, because it's still a great song. 8/10.

El Phantasmo And The Chicken-Run Blast-O-Rama is an awesome song that I have also known for a LONG time. I personally would call this song to be one of the better songs. I love it. The intro is hella-heavy and is meant to be headbanged to. Unfortunately, the speed stops shortly after, but this song is also pretty good without the speed. 9/10.

Blur The Technicolor is a fine tune that is really fun to listen to whenever. The way the vocals are organized help accent it to a more catchier demeanor. Like most groovish tunes, they are more simpler, which is what this one is. I like this one quite a bit actually. 8/10.

Blood, Milk and Sky is a song that for some reason can kinda bring the chills with the vocals, and how slow it is. This one is also the longest on the album. I LOVE the female singing in this one; because it helps bring atmosphere to it, and it will pretty much trip you out which is also one of the things I love about this one. I do not really understand what the fuck is up with this one, but it has like a 3 minute break in the middle of the song, THEN goes back to that very peaceful beautiful heaviness that I love. Probably the best song on here. 10/10

BOTTOMLINE: Though it has a few throw-aways, and is NOT exactly metal, I dig it either way. I would love it more if it was metal though, because I am so closed minded. Still though, little progression which brings it down, but the aggression which is an improvement from the last LP helps to some-what bring it up. The reason I say some-what is because Heaviness is not ALWAYS great. Still though, out of all the Zombie shit, this is the best. Therefore, 80 percent.