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High Speed Fail O - 59%

ralfikk123, April 23rd, 2011

This is the debut release by White Wizzard, a band that is loved by many and hated by just as many people. I discovered White Wizzard when they released their second album in 2010 which I really enjoyed and listened to many times. I wanted to check out this EP in order to see if the original line up was just as good or if they plainly sucked. A single entitled "High Speed GTO" was released to promote the album and give you a taste of what the band is about. Having listened to it quite a few times it grew on me and I found myself listening to it a lot. Since it was so good I though that the album was worth getting so I spent my well earned money and waited for it to come through the mail. What I received was a big disappointment that I regret spending 12 bucks on.

Let me first point out that I'm not very fond of the singer. I do like the idea that he has clean vocals and does some wailing but he sounds really bland. He reminds me of some random singer from an alternative rock band that sings about his love for some girl. He has no kick or aggressiveness in his voice and that's what bothers me the most. There are no growls, no falsettos, and not even any sustained high notes. He doesn't have any qualities of a very powerful vocalist that would make him stand out of the crowd. The entire album sounds exactly the same with most of the riffs being very boring and bland. Songs like "Octane Gypsy" and "Red Desert Skies" have very annoying guitar work that make you wanna pierce your eyes out. There are some tracks such as "March of the Skeletons" which are good on the first listen but then get stale. This song in particular has boring guitar riffs that seem like they are played by an eight year old who has been playing the guitar for a week. The entire album is a poor effort at trying to sound just like Iron Maiden.

As much as I like this band and want to like this release, I just can't. Overall this is a pretty disappointing album that I won't be coming back to anytime soon. Most of the songs are very boring that sound the same and I feel like this album was rushed and put out way too early. It's like baking a cake, taking it out of the oven 20 minutes earlier and eating it while thinking 'this fucking blows'. I also don't think the singer did the best he could and I do smell some half assery on his part. The only good song off of this album is "High Speed GTO" and I really do not recommend spending money on this album unless you're paying less then 5 bucks for it.