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Heavy Metal Lives Again! - 90%

SpyreWorks, November 6th, 2009

With their explosive debut mini-album/EP, White Wizzard have struck a serious note in the hearts of many metalheads. Playing a traditional melodic metal style influenced by the likes of Iron Maiden and Judas Priest, High Speed GTO is a much-needed and welcome break from all the dark, brutal and satanic metal that dominates the metal scene.

Musically, High Speed GTO isn't that ground-breaking; it isn't overly fast, "brutal" or epic. However, it is an achievement in that it's fun and loud, the former being something that many bands these days tend to forget to include. The drumming is pretty standard, but the guitar and bass are played surprisingly well. My only gripe with the music is that the singer's voice sounds a wee bit childish and 'mainstream", but besides that there is really no issue with the music. The album has some pretty good riffs and themes (Yes, prehistoric sharks and cars ARE actually awesome) and the music video for "High Speed GTO" is comic and cheesy, but appreciable.

In conclusion, High Speed GTO is a must-have for any big fan of classic metal bands (especially Iron Maiden), as these are the band's biggest influences and the album reflects that very well, with melodic tunes, singing vocals and skilled drumming and bass. I'm glad that a band has finally had the integrity to break away from the "dark" metal trend and start playing old-school fun metal again, and the band truly do have a pure heavy metal spirit. Also, I have to add that the cover art is pretty clever, depicting the front torso of a White Wizzard fan, and the band's name and title shown in button pins. Heavy metal lives again!