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They Came from the Wild Lands - 90%

TheStormIRide, December 23rd, 2018

Crude Rock 'n' Roll is the debut full length from Brazil's finest heavy/speed/metalpunk export Whipstriker. Though the band has gained notoriety for their most recent albums, this ten track chunk of rabid Motörhead worship set the tone for Whipstriker's career to come. Raw and rollicking in all of the right ways, the album shows Whipstriker rocking out, plain and simple.

While Troopers of Mayhem brought Hellhammer tone to Motörhead and Tank worship and Merciless Artillery saw the band build upon that foundation with thrashing, blackened, bastardized speed metal, Crude Rock 'n' Roll was exactly what the title suggested it was. Despite being quite raw and rambunctious, the album is extremely listenable. Everything is remarkably clean and surprisingly upbeat. The guitars deliver punkened heavy metal riffs loaded with tons of classy double stop fills and blazing solos directly influenced by Fast Eddie Clarke himself. Victor's vocals are delivered as a cleaner, raw shout instead of the deeper growl he's used in recent years. In prime Wildlands fashion, Victor brought a bunch of guests onto the album, including members of Apokalyptic Raids, Farscape, Atomic Roar, and Diabolic Force to round out the lineup and fill some gaps.

Crude Rock 'n' Roll is basically a love letter to classic heavy/speed metal with a bit of metalpunk flair: Motörhead; Tank; Warfare; Venom; you name it. The music is catchy as hell and all but requires the listener to sing along. The album's lack of polish only serves to enhance it's charm. Whipstriker might have moved on to heavier and faster material, but, hot damn, this was one fantastic debut. The album is basically punkened heavy/speed metal with a penchant for rocking the fuck out and any fan of the style owes it to themselves to find this gem.