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Sleazy Nods to the Old School - 73%

TheStormIRide, September 28th, 2014

Carrying the banner of South American heavy metal since 2008, Whipstriker's sound strikes that fine balance between speed metal, thrash and blackened heavy metal. Taking cues from the likes of Motörhead, Venom and Tank, Whipstriker's brand of metal isn't the most original, but, really who's keeping score? Black Rose Killz is a short EP in a long line of splits and demos from this prolific Brazilian act that features three tracks and slightly over ten minutes of music. Those who've never been introduced to the grimy sounds of Whipstriker, this is as good a place as any to start. Originally released digitally by the band in June 2014, Dying Victims Productions released the EP on 7” vinyl in August of the same year.

Whipstriker's discography is full of sleazy heavy/speed metal that recalls the best the first wave has to offer. Simplistic yet hook-laden riffs are driven forth by a mix of rollicking speed metal beats and growled shouts in the vein of what Cronos used to do. “Hell Fire, Hell Fire” starts the EP off with a solid dose of the aforementioned speed metal soloing before darting into dirty punk fueled riffs. The remaining two tracks round the EP nicely, branching off into separate directions yet leaving all of the muck and grime sticking to your ears. “Cruel Savagery” exchanges the punk riffing for Hellhammer styled riffing and blasting drums while “Black Rose Killz” summons the black rock 'n' roll of Midnight, featuring dirty riffs with melodic embellishments and gnarly vocals.

Black Rose Killz is nice run through a time a when genres didn't matter; it was all metal. South America, and Brazil in particular, have been spewing out these blackened heavy thrashing speed metal bands since the dawning of Sarcófago and Vulcano, so why stop now? Imagine Venom and Motörhead with blackened edges with a little punk rock flair for good measure and you'll have a great starting point for Whipstriker's sound. The band's entire discography could be described in much the same way, but they haven't really released a dud; just lots and lots of rocking out. Fans of the great metal revival of recent years would do well to look into this band.

Written for The Metal Observer.