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Speed metal that deserves airplay - 78%

avidmetal, February 8th, 2010

This is about the only whiplash album which is really worth getting. I do like this band but all their previous efforts are very derivative and are not an essential part of your collection. They finally get the vocals right on this one. In comes this new vocalist, This might make some people jump out of their seats but this new vocalist sounds a bit like that guy from avenged sevenfold. He has a very clean approach unlike the harsh tone older vocalists had which works wonder here.

The biggest highlight of this album is the track 'Left unsaid'. Boy, Have they grown so much from simple moshpit pleasers in the past. 'Left unsaid' is an absolute classic. The vocals, the lyrical flow make this one of the catchiest songs I've ever heard. Why they didn't make a music video for this song is a mystery. This could've potentially been a mainstream hit. Whiplash's soloing as always are heavily inspired by bands such as Metallica and Megadeth and have a great feel and sense of melody.

This isn't the thrashiest album you'll ever hear, Infact most of the songs feel like solid speed metal. I'm not sure how old school whiplash fans would react to this. There are some filler songs here and there but the opener "Climb out of hell" is a very good one. They have adopted a good style in lyrics writing, Trying to be more catchier than usual. "Hitlist" is another track, He sounds very much like that M.Shadows guy from A7X. Even when he hits higher notes. His clean vocal approach is a strong point. The guitarplay is mid paced and crunchy and not very original. The production is another strong point, When many of the more famous bands struggle get their album sounding right, It's a mystery how lesser known bands can nail it.

At nearly 50 minutes in length, This album almost feels too long. They should've used more variety in their approach. The occasional straight out old school thrash riff would've made it better. "Cyanide grenade" drags on too long and is totally unremarkable. The album has a really soft mid-section. Many unoriginal and uninteresting speed metal/heavy metal songs which bob down the album. "Knock me down" and "Word to the wise" are almost southern metal songs which reminds me a lot of corrosion of conformity and down. They're pretty decent to be honest, The vocalist is pretty solid and he can carry songs on his own. The last few tracks on this album are very slow and sound almost like mainstream hard rock but they're not really that bad.

"Sit stand kneel pray" is actually a ballad and I was surprised. I was expecting the title track to be a throwback thrash metal song but not to be. The vocalist, He can sing. The chorus is not unlike what you hear from many modern metal bands. This album is overall a Speed metal/hard rock album with a very modern sounding vocalist. This album is pretty decent, It just needed a bit of variety and lacks originality. Overall, This album isn't straight forward thrash metal, It's a mix of Speed metal and hard rock. If you're a hardcore whiplash fan, I recommend you actually skip this one. This isn't for headbanging or breaking stuff up.

The guitarwork is pretty decent with some crunching riffs and nice mid-paced melodic solos. The bass is audible, Which is a plus. Drumming is extremely average and will not please people looking for gene hoglan or dave lombardo style drumming. The drumming is more in tune with the music rather than focusing on speed. The vocalist is a hit and miss at times. Download the songs "Left unsaid" and "Climb out of hell" and skip the rest but that's only my opinion.