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Gloomy, Depressive, Progressive... Perfect - 100%

Spamzer, October 22nd, 2005

There was a time when the first and the last track of this album were downloadable from the web. That was certainly my first contact with Doom Metal.

The first track, Thus With a Kiss I Die is nothing but a master piece, starting with an 8 minutes of depressing metal piece, followed by an acoustic guitar and keyboards piece, then the same depression of the first part, and just when you are about to think the song will repeat again... an outburst of a progressive up tempo part which includes fantastic guitar riffs, a pretty nice bass line and an excellent acoustic guitar line. The drums are just quite good, and the syncronization with the bass, guitar and drums hits is just perfect.

Not conformed with that, the speed decreases sudenly introducing a bell hit (yes, a bell) and then a 100% acoustic part with a neoclassical bass line and a fade out... and then the same depression of the begining slowing the speed down and fading out with rain... As I said before, a Masterpiece and the best song in the album.

The second track, Into the Wells of Sorrow... a mournful and very slow song starting with the same rain at the end of the first track, then the same bass intro used for the first version of the song but 1/2 tune up and slower.

After a 5:30 minutes, the song turns into a 2:30 minutes guitar and church organ duet with a cold and sad guitar solo ant the end, and after that, a really surprising speed outburst which lasts no longer than 1 minute, but fits perfect.

The 3rd track is the definitive version for La Mort d'Amour, which appears on "Lovesongs of the Forsaken", this time is a 10 minutes metal song, more depressive and the perfect end for the album.

The last track, September, is a 2 minutes acoustic outro for the album. The rain fade out fits just perfect and makes this album an excellent one.

I cannot end this review without commenting that Tom Phillips' voice fits just perfect. From the 1st to the 3rd track evolves from weeping vocals to a broken voice which makes you think he is almost going to cry... a powerful and very very sentimental voice.

A perfect album.