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not so "doom" doom metal... - 79%

SoulSeekJay, July 2nd, 2004

After five years since their last full-length release While Heaven Wept are back with another album, While Heaven Wept was always up to apocalyptical looking front-covers and its no different for the cover of "Of Empires Forlorn" as it shows a battlefield littered with carcasses. Kool!

Musically While Heaven Wept are classified as doom but from my point of view that's not really doom, it's like the light version of real doom... Doom has got to be heavy, distorted and evil while While Heaven's sound is full of "friendlier" melancholy.

I know this sounds weird but when you listen to them you'll know what I mean because their sound is pretty clean and their epic hymns come along with hypnotic tunes. The first three songs are all in the same tempo but with the beginning of "In Aeternum" they add some more diversity to their sound. The song opens with some nicely rocking guitar riffs and flows into an epic piece with clean singing that offers even some Iron Maiden alike vocals.

The singer is supported by moshing as well as playfully metal riffs. For me definitely the best track on the album because of the outstanding guitar work and relatively often speed changes. If you expect typical doom you'll be disappointed by this album but if you're into hymnal clear doom I guess you can get along with "Of Empires Forlorn" just fine.

While Heaven Wept left all limitations behind theirselves and present an exceptional album of epic doom. Nice!