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My first Doom album. - 83%

Lethe, July 4th, 2004

Since this was and still is my first true Doom album I'm not sure where this album fits into the genre, so I'm not sure if this isn't "true" or not.I found out about this band when i saw my guitar teacher(Tom Phillips himself)wearing a While Heaven Wept shirt.He started off saying they were like Pink Floyd meets Black Sabbath, but by the end of the lesson he had finally told me it was Doom metal with Thrash elements.

The first two songs are all good, they have nice slow guitars with good drums, keys, and vocals. Tom changes the vocal style just a little on Of Empires Forlorn, he adds some cool sounding scream.
Voice in the Wind is the only song on this album i don't like at all; it's also the one Tom didn't have much to do with.
In Aeturnum is my favorite, it's the fastes one and has a good solo for most of the end of it.
The next three songs are all good, I think Epistle No.81 is a cover though.