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Good, not Great - 79%

mvk1644, June 6th, 2011

There is one problem, and one problem alone with While Heaven Wept's Fear of Infinity; the album was released after the epic Vast Oceans Lachrymose. Unfortunately, Infinity does not live up to very high expectations, but at the same time is a solid offering from these epic doom metalers; and this fact pains me very much.

The album starts off with two fast tracks in Hour of Reprisal and Destroyer of Solace. These tracks build off the faster pace the band introduced on Lachrymose and adds a pleasant new dimension into a genre where slow and mid-tempo tracks are the norm. But the album loses steam with the track Unplenitude. The track is a reworking of song recorded earlier in the bands history (and trust me, it sounds MUCH better than the original) but the acoustic track, which don't get me wrong is beautiful, sucks the life right out of the album. I do not have a problem with the song, so much as its placement on the album.

The album picks up again, after the doomy, appropriately named, To Grieve Forever, with Saturn and Sacrifice. The track mixes the slower elements of WHW with the faster material offered earlier in the album. The closer, a 10 minute epic, Finality, seems to be a long song for the sake of being long and does not offer much to catch the listeners attention.

Perhaps I will come around to this album and perhaps I am being too harsh. But I cannot help but feel the band did not fully expand upon the groundwork laid out in the previous album. Those who are familiar with WHW catalog can hear the growth between the releases of Of Empires Forlorn and Lachrymose, but one will find it hard to hear any growth in Fear of Infinity.