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Fear of Infinity?... or Towards the Infinite? - 95%

Spamzer, April 26th, 2011

Since their beginnings and up until now, While Heaven Wept have successfully shown themselves as the epitome of musical evolution itself: hundreds of lineups, a broad repertoire, and whatever the hell you ever want to imagine. WHW has truly achieved success. I remember a comment by Tom Philips himself saying that Fear of Infinity was going to be THE album. Well, it is THE album.

Spinning in the vein of VOL, this album places you in a huge catapult and shoots you at incredible speeds into the unknown. You never know what to expect while listening to all this. It's so immense and varies a lot. Of course, WHW's trademark is present all the time: acoustic interludes, brutal climaxes, baroque-like music lines here and there and an epic (Finality). It's practically like saying that WHW took the crème de la crème of themselves, made a puzzle with it, and assembled a 37:11 masterpiece.

The only one thing I dislike is... well, only 37 minutes? But in the end, I see music albums like books. You can have a huge book that won't fill you at all, but also you can have a rather small book that will totally lift you from your seat and fill your head, heart, and soul with knowledge and whatever. The same thing happens with this "less than 40 pages book for your ears".

I listened to it in the dark with earphones and trust me, it's a unique experience, just like any other WHW album. I praise the fingers that pulled those strings, pressed those keys, hit those drums, sung those words, and the mastermind(s) behind everything.

Highlights: Destroyer of Solace, Obsessions Now Effigies, Finality.