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Wharflurch > Lurking Doom > Reviews
Wharflurch - Lurking Doom

Flensing Blade - 80%

Nattskog7, August 4th, 2022
Written based on this version: 2020, Digital, Independent

Rotten death metal newcomers Wharflurch have a debut EP to follow a single demo, making their footprint on the death metal underground.

Creepy soundscapes set off the EP with quite an ambient and mellow feeling to things, clearly building to something more fierce. Thundering chords strike in with a grotesque darkness, met by pounding drums and snarling growls. The murky mix perfectly suits the visceral and cavernous death metal which bellows with a savagely eerie atmosphere, dripping in ichorous riffs and crashing cymbal fills. Everything about this EP feels well put together with some utterly tremendous riffs, furious drum work and malignantly gross vocals. If you can handle the raw, rotted putridity of Wharflurch, then you will be treated to some excellently unhinged and barbaric death metal from the spewing belly of the underground.

Hammering on we see a brutal, rampaging blend of filthily executed death metal violence. The gripping hooks and odiously swampy ambience deliver some brutal yet refined and unique ideas with a primitive sound. Though it may sound primal, there is tons of nuance and actually rather intricate musicianship on this EP that shows plenty of skill but in a way that doesn’t feel obnoxious or showy. Doomy and dark, this is the kind of dank death metal to leave your speakers festering after each listen, which there will be many of as this is fantastic. Dissonant guitars chime in occasionally to give an almost blackened feel to the pulverising barrage of offal. Certainly not an EP one could accuse of becoming repetitive or dull.

Wharflurch is one of those bands that most have never heard of but deserve a listen. They have a unique and grimy approach to death metal that is crushing, cavernous, atmospheric and discordant. If you can stomach the raw production, you will be treated to some spectacular musicianship and utterly rancid soundscapes that are certainly worth digging your teeth into, though you may get some kind of poisoning.

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