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The Call To Battle - 85%

Perplexed_Sjel, July 16th, 2006

Weltmacht, another band proving that Americans can make some decent music. From out of the ashes, Weltmacht have risen like a pheonix in flames. The band consists of a very impressive line-up; Lord Imperial, Akhenaten and Cryptic Winter. Their debut album, entitled "The Call To Battle" was released in 2001 and consists of eleven tracks, lasting just over half an hour.

As you would expect, the vocals are pivotal here. They are full of hate and anger, elements of life that Weltmacht happen to thrive on when creating such music. The vocals are deep growls, done much in a similar vain to that of Akhenaten himself during his time with Judas Iscariot.

Its atmospheric throughout, this is something that also plays a pivotal role in creating the desired affect. The atmosphere again delivers connotations of hate, anger and death. The use of keys enhances the atmospheric nature of the songs and is able to enforce this as an atmospheric piece of work. They also add a somewhat operatic feel to the music, at certain points you could even be forgiven for mistaking this as more of a Funeral Doom release. Although this is not as slow as the majority of Funeral Doom releases, or Doom releases in general. This is played at a mid to fast paced tempo. The drums are imperative in creating such a speed with the use of blast beats on occasions, but they are not very fast. Both riffs and drum patterns are imaginative, innovative and inspiring. The rhythm at which this is played at is important in creating the desired atmosphere. Cryptic Winter is playing some of his finest work on this piece. At times the drums and the guitars can become quite repetitive, but it does nothing to harm the reputation of this album. In actual fact, it enhances certain elements of the music.

It's a very primitive piece or work, again done in a similar vain to Judas Iscariot. The resemblance is uncanny between the two bands in terms of vocals, riffs and production which is clean and clean, although still raw sounding which compliments the vocals perfectly. This is an album much like any of the early 90's Norwegian Black Metal releases down the years. Comparisons not only to Judas Iscariot will be made, but to the likes of Burzum, Mayhem and Darkthrone as well. "Ashes" will no doubt be compared to older Burzum material, especially in terms of the vocals which are death-like screams and the atmosphere.

Highlights include: To The Triumph Of Evil, Vengeance And Death and Ashes.