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OOH me like me like! - 86%

Egregius, December 29th, 2003

Don't you just love that raw thrash metal sound you find on demo tapes? If you don't, substract 6 points, and listen past it; this is great music nonetheless!

I haven't followed later Wehrmacht, I only got the mp3s to this tape, so I can't compare it to later Wehrmacht.

However, I can say what this is: this is highly energetic, in-your-face, frantic thrash metal. You can hear they tried to push their speedlimit, while maintaining semblence of full-out solid thrash metal songs. This isn't a technicality-fest, nor a display-case of multitudes of riffs (heck they called themselves 'beer-core'!), just a 'fun' band to listen to.

If there's something to be said against this tape it's that at some points (especially later on the tape) they traded speed for sophistication.

I like the first half of the tracks the most. The first 2 tracks are very solid and catchy, with some frantic soloing. Termination starts out very very well with some wall-of-sound-riffing that's very akin to some of the better atmospheric black metal bands, and overal the start of the song has a great atmosphere of 'Something's going to come'. The rest is not that sophisticated, but hey a good intro is half the song.
Tracks 3&5 will appeal to fans of Dark Angel perhaps, in the freneticism..
'E' is the shorter version of 'Everb' found on Biermacht I believe.

Overal a very likeable demo; one you like for the enthousiasm it was made with, rather than the technicality.