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Solid Debut - 82%

Gothic_Metalhead, July 23rd, 2019
Written based on this version: 2008, CD, Sleaszy Rider Records

I'm going to start this review by saying that this is the first time I had ever heard of Malta. It's a country I never really think of or hear any news from, let alone any metal music that comes from this country. However, What it did provide is a gothic metal band that have released music since the late-2000s, Weeping Silence. Weeping Silence popped up as a similar artist for bands like The Gathering, The Third and the Mortal, and Theatre of Tragedy, and I can see why with their debut album "End of an Era." I always had problems with bands sounding too similar to influential gothic metal bands unless your The Sins of Thy Beloved. I couldn't listen to Cemetery without saying that this one album sounds like "Clouds" by Tiamat. While Weeping Silence's "End of an Era" sounds too similar to The Gathering's gothic metal era, the band still managed to make a good debut by making a soothing, calm, and melancholic sounding sound. I believe that Weeping Silence's sound here sounds darker than The Gathering.

The music is very Soothing and Melancholic in many directions. It adds live strings, dark and not overused keyboards, and arrangements that are slow and heavy at times. Compared to listening to the band's newer material, "End of an Era" is that kind of album that isn't too overpowering with symphonic elements nor bland music. Throughout the album, it manages to have that calm and sad atmosphere, that not a lot of new gothic metal bands don't do anymore. I appreciate the level space the album gives in each Song where every instrument sounded tight. It shows that an album don't need too much guitar, or keyboard, or even fast drum beats to make a good metal album, especially in gothic metal. My only big complaint is to me it still sounds similar to The Gathering only this is one so differently which is not entirely a bad thing.

The vocals were also pretty good as well. I actually enjoyed Rachel Grech's singing in this album, because of how serene and soothing it sounds. However, her vocal approach sounds too similar to Anneke Van Giersbergen. The only difference is that Rachel has more sadness expressed when combined to the music. A minor problem was that there wasn't a lot of heavy guitars incorporated into the later Songs, while its not a big concern I feel that not enough heaviness in the album it makes it feel like a drag to get through the entire album. Even when it does show some heavy guitars I feel that sometimes it was not too great especially from a Song like "Darkness in My Heart." "Darkness In My Heart" does have some good atmosphere through the keyboards and through Rachel's singing voice that made it a saving grace for the song. Despite that, I enjoyed the musical approach that "End of An Era" has, I just think it could have been done a lot better.

"End of An Era" also has some pretty good lyrical content. The lyrics show some sadness in it's Songs and it resonates well with the tone of the music and Rachel's singing. Though I feel the lyrics would have sounded better if the band again didn't sound too similar to The Gathering. Other than that the lyrics are done well and leave nothing short or make the Songs too wordy.

Weeping Silence debut is still solid and was still enjoyable to listen to despite similarities to The Gathering. They do manage to make something a bit darker than what The Gathering has done, but I feel that they don't do anything too unique to make them stand out from a lot of the female fronting gothic metal bands of that time. It's still worth it to listen to "End of An Era" as it does have good Songs and great instrumentation and lyrics to make the band not seem like a blatant copycat.