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Dissapointing - 45%

Immortalax, July 11th, 2016

Unfortunately mastermind Vladimir Cochet (Mirrorthrone, Unholy Matrimony, Weeping birth) has dropped the ball on this one. It's actually really hard to know where to start... Ok, so let's start with the negatives as they standout far more than the positives where this album is concerned. What fans would expect from a Weeping Birth release would be fast, fairly insane, progressive black and death metal. What we now have, with The Crushed Harmony, is tech-death with a little black metal influence now and again. Now, this is a problem... In almost every song there is superfluous wanky solos over just about every riff! Why?! Why would you do this?! It almost ruins the whole experience. These solos break any sort of immersion in the music, great melodies and heavy riffs get buried under layers of generic Necrophagist style wankery. It's not enjoyable to listen to, nor is it what anyone has come to expect from a Weeping Birth listen through. Not to say this band hasn't been technical in the past, however the guitar work on the previous two albums had far more personality. Apart from the vocals, it would be hard on first listen to even detect this the same band. Why are there breakdowns in just about every song!? Strange sense of deathcore, bland tech-death worship. It doesn't fit.

I also have huge complaints where production is concerned. Generic, boring, super triggered, super clean. If you've ever listened to any tech-death you've heard this production. The Drums are horribly impersonal and mechanical. Vocal production is a bit weird, there is too much layering on the low vocals and doesn't have that recognisable depth that Vlad's lows normally have (listen to 'La Glaive contre le Reve' for reference).

Positives are few and far between. The vocal work is consistent and there are some pretty cool riffs (albeit, buried) and well... That's it. If you're a fan of Weeping Birth, it's probably best to ignore this release. You are far better off listening to his other projects and earlier releases of this band. Mirrorthrone and Unholy Matrimony have releases just around the corner (hopefully) so let's hope they aren't going down the same generic, wanky, boring path this did.